Alchemy Management Solutions provides a suite of much needed services to fire departments and those suppliers working with emergency services.

About the Company

With access to some of the pre-eminent thinking in the field, the company provides tailored and flexible solutions to a range of situations, from product development to innovative risk management.

All organisations face risks. What marks out the successful organisations is how they choose to tackle them. Risk is not always a bad thing – sometimes it’s a way of getting momentum behind essential change.

Alchemy Management Solutions was formed in 2012 and developed an impressive track record working with emergency services to develop their understanding of risk, the drivers behind that risk and interventions to deliver safer communities. Alchemy now focusses its operations in the United States helping fire departments and those who support them to develop their understanding and delivery of effective Community Risk Reduction. As well as working with US based associates the company has alliances with the Western Fire Chiefs Association, Vision 20/20 and Intterra Group.

Alchemy has delivered a range of consultancy and training on the subjects of CRR, building Community Risk Assessments , organisational change and data driven solutions.

Alchemy has developed a unique model ‘Acuity’, which incorporates a suite of analytical techniques and reporting tools to assist Fire professionals in their drive for more effective Community Risk Reduction.