A range of services using our experience and expertise in strategy, change and implementation.

Risk Analysis and Management

Alchemy Management Solutions offers a variety of consultancy approaches to help your department. Whether you’re in the risk business or facing organisational change and need insightful help and advice from people who’ve been through it themselves, successfully, and lived to tell the tale.

All organisations face risks. What marks out the successful organisations is how they choose to tackle them. Risk is not always a bad thing – sometimes it’s a way of getting momentum behind changes you want to make. But in an increasingly uncertain world, effective clear sighted risk management may make the difference between organisational success and failure.


We have access to unparalleled expertise in the field of risk analysis and emergency management. We also work with some of the pre-eminent practitioners in the field as well as with partners with tried and tested tools to help the proactive organisation. We can help particularly with strategy development and execution, change management, influencing and advocacy, and building successful partnerships. 

For many organisations faced with difficult and challenging decisions about the future, often because of funding squeezes or rising public expectation making the right decisions depends on sound intelligence and smart data. We can help because we’ve done it ourselves and we know that innovative and creative approaches can preserve standards and reputations in difficult times.