Training Programmes to achieve Smarter Working and Safer Communities

A New Approach

Our specially designed model ‘Acuity’ guides organisations through a new approach to reducing community risk by balancing more effectively preventative, response and protection activities. We work with clients to help them understand and then build an effective community risk assessment which draws on internal and external data. We then use this intelligence to tailor the design and delivery of effective and innovative risk reduction programmes.

“I just wanted to thank you again for a really great workshop and a wonderful week at Duke. I spent some time Saturday reading the portions of the workbook that I had not yet read and reviewing my notes as I began to assimilate the week. It was an incredible week!”

“I have not attended anything similar to this. Classes for me in the past have been either FEMA type classes or about learning a new software. This involved creative thinking.”

“The path forward to starting a sustainable CRR mindset is beginning to become a reality.”

Building on experience and considerable success in the UK fire and rescue service, Alchemy offers a new approach to reducing risk in communities. Our model – Acuity – embraces both the internal factors to be tackled, and the external factors which need to be influenced, and in so doing pivot the organisation’s focus towards more integration of its prevention, response and protection activities. By using risk information to shape this integration fire departments can optimise their impact and deliver big improvements in pubic safety outcomes and efficiency. We work with you to guide you through the process and advise on strategies and tactics for successful implementation.

Acuity Workshops

Workshops are run both for individual departments and collective groups. We help develop participants’ understanding of what Community Risk Reduction really means, how it is underpinned by the intelligent use of data, analytical tools and, importantly, the key role that leadership plays in successful implementation. We help participants to build a data centric community risk assessment upon which they can deliver risk reduction initiatives. The key themes in the workshop are:

  • Strategic Intent – setting the destination
  • Information Management – Knowing, understanding and acting
  • Leading change – moving to a new future
  • Your Community Risk Assessment the foundation for successful CRR

The workshops are designed to expose participants to the latest thinking around Community Risk Reduction and to allow them hands-on use of the analytical tools that support successful intervention programs. The workshop is practical and designed to ensure participants take an active role in developing a CRR strategy based on the identification, quantification and mapping of community risk. Delegates will also get practical exposure to the analytical techniques that support effective CRR initiatives and help evaluate their effectiveness. Extensive use of case studies is made from both North America and the UK and participants are encouraged to share and learn from experiences within the workshop group. During the week students are encouraged to use their community risk assessment to develop a new CRR project for implementation in the field. Additional support is available post-workshop to assist departments as they implement their learning.

Faculty members include internationally recognised figures in CRR leadership. Guest speakers offer their perspective on leading successful CRR programmes and proffer practical advice on overcoming resistance and maintaining momentum.

This workshop is part of Alchemy’s program to create a vanguard of selected departments advancing the approach in North America.

Intterra and Alchemy have teamed up to provide a 5-day workshop that enables fire departments and agencies that are looking to not only implement a robust process of risk identification, analysis, and management, but also shift to create a culture of success across their entire organizations.