Creating a Safer Community

“Great big picture information combined with application to a real town. First day I was wondering “how can we apply this where I work?” and “where do I start?”. Starting to figure out where we can start, how to plot data & actions to take.”

Alchemy has recently formed an exciting new partnership with Intterra Group to provide dedicated support to departments seeking to develop or extend their Community Risk Assessment.

Whether this is your first attempt at community analysis or whether you are looking to move to the next level of sophistication the combined experience and expertise of Alchemy and Intterra is there to support you. We provide dedicated training and tools in risk analysis, mapping and goal identification that allows you to build a robust and evidence based Community Risk Assessment.

Capitalizing on the formidable power of Intterra’s analytical capabilities we are able to produce compelling insights into the data you and others hold to build that critical understanding of your community’s risk.

Through Alchemy’s guidance and support we can help you to turn those insights into a coherent and effective plan of safety solutions designed to best protect your citizens. The Intterra/Alchemy alliance helps you work smarter and so keep your community safer.

“I really like how things are starting to come together. While there are so many different ideas to make an impact, its great learning how to start applying thoughts & ideas that are back by factual data. I keep thinking how we can apply this to our community throughout the day. Knowing that many communities Share the same challenges, makes collaborating & asking questions well worth it. All in all great day of a great class.”

Intterra and Alchemy have teamed up to provide a 5-day workshop that enables fire departments and agencies that are looking to not only implement a robust process of risk identification, analysis, and management, but also shift to create a culture of success across their entire organizations.