Alchemy is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Intterra Group.

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Updates

Intterra is a leader in the field using big data to support Fire Departments and related agencies. Intterra has established an impressive reputation in delivering data solutions to emergency responders right across North America.

Their data and analytics capabilities is a perfect complement to Alchemy’s insight into community risk reduction and together the two companies represent a formidable axis of analytics and consultancy services. Clients will benefit from the experience and expertise that Alchemy can bring in developing a more holistic risk based approach whilst Intterra’s information services can underpin this solution building with the critical evidence that’s needed.

Intterra and Alchemy have worked together before and now want to make that partnership more formal. “We believe we can create substantial value to our clients through the combined capabilities we bring to understanding, quantifying and managing community risk” said Dave Blankinship Intterra’s co-founder. John Bonney from Alchemy added “So often clients commit to the new data approach without appreciating the considerable organisational implications that are required to do this well. Alchemy and Intterra are experts in both these fields and working together offers Fire Departments and agencies the unique and comprehensive support they need”.